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Main » 2011 » July » 11 » Check 'Dis Out!
2:53:04 PM
Check 'Dis Out!
Hey there peoples! It's your friendly, neighborhood Blackman- Shundre aka Shadowboi727- speaking here! As you can see, THE PLACE 7 is black!... No I mean, BACK! :D And you can see that the color is no longer black with white, but infact is white with black. O_O Makes no sense, right? Well, yeah, I started other sites and created stuff for all this and that, but every person must remember their roots!... Although, this isn't technically the first site. *cough cough* But, the fact of the matter is that it's back and ready for action. The Place 7 needs more users; so, if you're one of the few people out there reading this then, sign up [if not already done], and tell everyone else to do so!!! We have ranks, avatars, and all that good stuff here. Why? Cause, it's THE PLACE 7!
Also, as a little update for what's been up; I joined a online gaming clan called the PYRO Clan. Yeah, that's right, PYRO! Well, I even made a site for it, PYRO Clan Site [although they already have one: PYRO Official Page]. So, check 'em out!.

It's nice to be back in business...
Like 'em. Enjoy 'em. Love 'em.
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