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Hey there peoples! It's your friendly, neighborhood Blackman- Shundre aka Shadowboi727- speaking here! As you can see, THE PLACE 7 is black!... No I mean, BACK! :D And you can see that the color is no longer black with white, but infact is white with black. O_O Makes no sense, right? Well, yeah, I started other sites and created stuff for all this and that, but every person must remember their roots!... Although, this isn't technically the first site. *cough cough* But, the fact of the matter is that it's back and ready for action. The Place 7 needs more users; so, if you're one of the few people out there reading this then, sign up [if not already done], and tell everyone else to do so!!! We have ranks, avatars, and all that good stuff here. Why? Cause, it's THE PLACE 7!
Also, as a little update for what's been up; I joined a online gaming clan called the PYRO Clan. Yeah, that ... Read more »
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So, I just created a new website [yeah. i know its kind of my newest obsession.] but this time its a social networking site!!! Yes, that's right, THIS GUY right here just created the [possible] next Facebook! ^_^ Hopefully it does, if not then oh well. Lol. The site was originally going to be called "Face Space" as a joking version of Facebook and Myspace, but that name was already taken. So, I chose another name that's close: Your Area! How would you like it if you had your own little area online to play around on? I mean I love it and that motivated me to make a site that people can just hang and chill on just like this site was meant for. Check it out, here's a link: Your Area.

Like 'em. Enjoy 'em. Love 'em.
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So, yeah. I have yet another website: Another Day in the Life. Check it out! It's for a school project so... ya can't fap to it. Lolz. If you have been waiting for my new stuff then I'm sorry. I just have been on my others [which I also have been neglecting]. I just have such great ideas, but just don't know what to type when it's "game time." Well, that's all for now.
Like 'em. Enjoy 'em. Love 'em.
By the way, like my new phrase? I'm gonna use it after each post.
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So as you may assume from the title of this news entry, I have to get caught up in blogging, though I already kinda have. This time I'm getting a grade for it!?! O.o Yep, my 4th period teacher is going to make the class do a blog, podcast, or something along those lines. It's not bad really, I'm just saying. lol. So... yeah, as you also may have guessed, I'm going to put whatever it is that we do here! So be prepared because if I like it then I may do it regularly if I feel like it. lol. See you guys!!!
-Shundre, that guy you all love sooooooo much!!
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I know it has been a LOOOOOONG time since I have been on here to update and "awesomize" The Place. But, here are some updates. One, I'm in yet another school production. This time, I'm a Korean War soldier who is writing home to mom! It's gonna be effin' sweet!... Though I haven't gotten my script memorized yet. [cough cough]. Also secondly, as you may know of me, I have been doing other things that will come back and be awesome again!!! As an example: I have been typing up my stories [Yes! There is now more than one!] and put them up on WordPress each with their own website based on them! Check them out: Dusk of the Dragon & Dash: Lone Ranger! Also there is yet another website I created and it's another HQ for me: ... Read more »
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Well, as some of you may have known, The Place was under some..... minor setbacks and was temporarily "out-of-order." Well, I fixed those setbacks and here we are again! For those of you who have noticed, there is a new template for the website, that's right: Skateboarding!!! It's one of my favorite "Extreme Sports" and actually my favorite sport of all! So, why not welcome back my favorite website with my favorite sport as a layout for it?
In The Place's absence, I created a few other temporary sites as well like: The [Weebly] Place and even a "remake" of the place: The [Reinvented] Place. Sadly [yet somehow fortunately], they couldn't live up to the "glory" of the original.
... Read more »
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Notice anything different here? If not then the title of this piece of News will tell you.... I changed the site layout!!! Yeah, its true. The older layout was too bright and orangy. Im not Emo or Goth or anything, but I like dark colors like the layout is now. Therefore I changed it to this. Another thing I did was add my Facebook Badge on here for quick and easy info. Hope you like these slight improvements. :) Also, registered members & guests please leave comments or ideas of improvments below please.

-Domain and Website Owner, Shundre-
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So, i have Drama class 3rd period and we have to do 4 skits for our Final Exam project. I have to do the 2 skits; "Third" [with my friend Sara] & "60471" [with my friends Tyriq, Astrid, and Viktoria {or Kasey}not giving out any last names]. The Production night is May 6th, 2010. Its free to the public and will start at 7:00 on the dot. . . So if youre in the 864 area code or near Carolina High School and Academy, then come check it out. Im pretty much the main star and lead ACTOR of this night [cough cough]. Also, poetry will be performed, but im not in that part. lol.

P.S. Dont hate on me for being such a good actor. :p Cause "Haters gon' Hate".
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I'm on the search for any and all working & unblockable circumventor sites. In other words, i need proxy sites!!! If you have made, know of, or have the ability to unblock any sites then either comment this news entry or post the site in the Site Catalog. Please and Thank You!
P.S. Just so you know, i dont want them to watch porn at the library, lol. i just wanna get on Facebook, Mocospace, maybe even Myspace, and other sites.
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I recently [about a week or two ago] made a Facebook. Add me there if you like. Just search my name "Shundre" and look for my picture. Then Voila!!! You have seen my Facebook. Anyone can add but, if you add, i will talk to be prepared. I also have a Myspace, Mocospace, Yahoo, Gmail, and many more. Also, i may make a page for "The Place", its just that: i dont know how to! So until then, just stop by and say hi sometime to me on Facebook!
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