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Videos And Music Welcome to the Vidoes and Music page! Have fun listening to the music & exploring and viewing these videos submitted by members or made by us at The Place!!! Have fun!

Here are some videos from Austin [Mr. Xraykiller] below

The Epic Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer

This is a YouTube series called "Me At School" by a friend, Tyriq [he's the "fluffy" guy in the video with the "noticable" hair],
he also has some of his other videos here, check them out. I star in a few of the Videos, though some are old an i had wierd hair too,
but im sexy[er] now than i was then [lol]. Also, to any of the people in these videos that are shown without your consent, i am deeply sorry.

Just as I posted in recent News Entries, I was in a Spring Showcase for my 3rd period Drama Class
 and this is Tyriq [Mr. Fluffy] backstage of the night we performed our Production...
 Im the [sexy] guy with the vest, lol.

The new Legend of Zelda that's coming out for the Nintendo Wii. :D 
I pre-ordered it and pretty much already am guaranteed to have it when it come out on November 1st. 
:D Can't wait! 

This movie is freaking awesome! 
This is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children featuring Cloud & Sephiroth. :D
I had to put it on here. It's awesome.
*Disclaimer: Final Fantsy VII, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Advent Children, and other materials are product of Square Enix. Not in any shape or form is this movie to be considered as my material or work. All rights reserved to Square Enix and the makers of Final Fantasy.